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Pool + Pavillion

Pool & Pavillion Policies

  1. Upon arrival, please sign in with the lifeguard.
  2. Children must be accompanied by adults.
  3. All children not potty trained must wear snug-fitting plastic pants or swim diapers.
  4. You must have received confirmation that your guests are allowed.
  5. Please do not save chairs. Also, if your child is not going to stay in their chair please do not take a chair that another member could be using.
  6. If you absolutely need to move an umbrella, please ask the lifeguard or staff for help.
  7. No diving in shallow areas.
  8. No running at any time.
  9. All pool toys left at the pool become the property of everyone.
  10. No profanity or vulgar language.
  11. ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING around the pool or within the pool area. There are designated smoking areas around The Club.
  12. ABSOLUTELY NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL is allowed! The Oak Room is open Thursday-Sunday from 3:00pm – 6:00pm. A limited selection of drinks and snacks are available in the ProShop at any time. Crave at The Club is open Wednesday-Sunday from 11:00am – 2:00pm. Orders can be placed and left for pick up if you will not be arriving during those hours.
  13. If you leave the pool area for any reason you must wear a cover-up or t-shirt. No one is allowed to enter the building or sit on the back porch without proper attire or cover-up.
  14. Please dispose of all trash in trash receptacles placed around the pool.
  15. No glass is allowed in or around the pool. 

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Member Info
  • Members are allowed to bring a guest(s). Guests are allowed to come three times during the season.
  • Pool hours are subject to change through the season.
  • No one is allowed to swim without a lifeguard on duty. 

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Angie Carnahan
Administrative Services Specialist