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Club Members



  • All applications for membership must be completed on appropriate application. Application must include referring member and financial information.

  • Applications must be approved by The Board of Directors before the applicant is allowed use of the club.

Financial Responsibility

  • Members are responsible for timely payment of dues. Any late payments are subject to finance charges.

  • Members will adhere to paying bill in full each month by ACH or credit card, unless other arrangements have been authorized by the club.

  • After 60 days of delinquency the member’s charging privileges will be suspended.

  • After 90 days of delinquency the member’s club privileges will be suspended.

  • Termination of member will be decided by The Board of Directors if payment is not made

    within 10 days of written notice.

  • Written notice of termination and collection process shall be given to member.

Discipline Actions

  • Members and guests who do not adhere to all rules and regulations will receive a verbal warning on first offense, a written warning on second offense, and on the third offense member will then be referred to the Board of Directors


  • Resignations must be submitted in writing before the first of the month to avoid additional charges.

  • Member is responsible for all charges prior to submitting a written resignation.

  • All resignations must be approved by The Board of Directors.

  • Upon resignation, if a member applies for membership within two years of your resignation date, you will be required to purchase a unit of stock. Your application would also be subject to Board approval and membership rules at the time of your new application.


  • Dues and other fee amounts will be set by the Board of Directors

  • Dues shall be drafted on the 10th of the month Club Usage Minimum

  • Unused portion of club usage assessment will be charged on member’s bill

  • Cannot be used for Pro Shop Merchandise


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Beverly Shirley
Director of Member Services